What is Boondocks?

My name is Amit Rai,  in past I founded a product startup, worked in product startups and now consulting startup founders . I  assist startup founders in finding 2-9 year experienced Software Engineers ( Backend, Full stack, Frontend), Mobile Developers, Data Scientists, Product Managers, Product Designers (UI/UX), Data Analysts, Sales Leads, Marketing Leads, Financial Leads ( and more) with product background and strong technical skills. I work directly with founders to speed up the intro process.

If you are searching for good full-time roles in startups ( primarily in India) then please say hi to me with your intro here 

I don’t take any kind of fee from the candidates. Also, right now I am helping 2+ year experience folks only.

How it works for Work Seekers?

Step 1

Reach out to me

Fill up an introduction form and join Boondocks Work-Seeker private-network for free.

Step 2

Get a follow-up

Get a follow-up email or Linkedin message with follow-up questions from me.

Step 3

Now, Wait and Stay Zen!

Based on your profile and what founders in my network are currently searching for; you will be recommended to founders directly.

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No Fees for Work Seekers

There is no fee for work seekers candidates. Even if you get the offer or join the startup through Boondocks.



Flat Fee for Founders

I ask founders to Pay a flat fee if founders end up recruiting someone from Boondock’s recommendation. No cost or fee is for joining Boondocks and receiving a curated list of candidates via email.  

I work only with limited founders every month So my focus is on quality, not quantity.

Say Hi to me.

Say Hi to me on my email at [ hello@boondocks.work